About Dr. Li


I'm here and I'm on a mission.  It's a real one.  Not a fake one.  

My mission is to help as many people as I (sanely) can to find there way to freedom from procrastination.

I was a long, long-time sufferer of procrastination myself, and sometimes it still comes back to bite me.

But I am mostly over my self-sabotaging, unsympathetic, and unkind ways towards myself. 

My goals for helping you are many, but simple and clear:

1) to teach the information and techniques I know about getting stuff done

2) to encourage you to face your worries and to emerge stronger and more confident than ever

3) to support everyone who is taking on this kind of change, because it is a life-changing one

I promise you I will use my experience as a procrastinator, as a clinical psychologist, and as a Procrastination Coach to your best advantage.  I do this because I truly enjoy helping people to get in touch with their power and true potential.  It's a major rush.  I'm selfish that way, but I'm a giver too...

I look forward to getting to know you and to getting going!




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